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Mittwoch, 03.11.2004

Although systems vary, the study of medicine usually takes about 5-7 years all over the world.
Usually, students are awarded an MD degree after their study before entering further career pathways. In case students aim to stay in research or to achieve top positions at universities, doing at le...

Samstag, 30.10.2004

We are looking to recruit students for a pilot run of a new Swedish language and communication skills course for doctors and medical students who are planning to work in hospitals or general practice in Sweden.

Donnerstag, 28.10.2004

IFMSA with organisation of EMSA ( Egyptian medical student association) is organising a spectacular traininig for all medical students in this world.
The training will be held from 9ht to 12th of December in Alexandria Library, in Alexandria, Egypt.

Mittwoch, 27.10.2004

Training New Trainers (TNT) workshop march 2005
Do you have experience about projects or leadership?

Do you want to learn how to pass on some of the knowledge you posses to other persons?

Then maybe the Training New Trainers workshop is something for you...

Mittwoch, 27.10.2004

Hallo liebe GeMSA-ner!!!

Der AStA und der DFA Hannover laden euch herzlich zu unserem GeMSA-Treffen

vom 5.-7. November 2004 ein !

Mittwoch, 27.10.2004

Hallo liebe Leute,

von 26.-28.10.04 finden dieses Jahr zum 10.Mal die Münchener AIDS Tage unter

dem Motto "Bestandsaufnahme und Aufbruch - welche Fortschritte macht die

HIV-Medizin" statt.

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